Poultry Modification
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Poultry Modification

2022 Poultry Barn Modifications

The market poultry photo for the auction book that has been mentioned previously is now needed!

This photo is DUE BY SUN 8/14/22’
No Photo-No Sale in the auction!

Photo is one of the side view photos that you are using for your market exhibiting photo board.
*PHOTO FILE NAME: exhibitors full name one word. Example: SallySmith


Poultry Guidelines (REVISED 7/31/22)

Due to AI issues and concerns, we have decided to not have any live birds for the 2022 poultry show. Instead, we are doing a show based on “photo boards” of your animals. The following are the guidelines for the photo boards For each bird/entry (Breed, Market,
and Showmanship).

  • Take a photo of the following positions of each of the birds that you have entered for the Grant County Fair: left side view, right side view, top profile, and one wing fully extended. Then process/print the four photos (4 x 6 size) with glossy finish, no borders, and no faces of individuals shown. Photos must be taken between August 10 to 15, 2022.
  • Once the four photos have been printed/processed, arrange them on a letter-sized piece of white cardstock paper. Please mount these photos onto foam board. SEE EXAMPLE.
  • Market birds will need to be banded prior to taking any photos. (I have asked if our bands have come in yet, we may still do this piece) You will need 5 photos for Market Exhibition. The same four positions as stated for the above. For the 5th photo please include one 5x7 photo of the exhibitor and their bird. Please have your exhibitor wear show dress (white long sleeve shirt and jeans/pants, see exhibitor guide) and have their bird in show pose for this photo. In addition to the photos, you will list the weight of your birds (for example band number 100 (if we have bands)—weight 5 lbs) on the poster board. Weights will need to be taken on August 14th, 2022. If you need help with weighing or need a scale, please let one of the leaders know.
  • In addition to the photo board, market animals will also need to have a 30-second to one-minute video taken between August 7 and August 15, 2022, that show each bird moving. The video must be sent to Kristen McCrae at trvln3some@gmail.com on or before August 15, 2022.
  • AUCTION BOOK PHOTO: There will also be a photo submitted for Auction purposes, but we are not sure where those will be submitted YET. A leader will help get this piece sorted out and communicated. If you are in 4-H please be watching for an email from the county office. If you are exhibiting FFA, Grange, or Open please be watching the Poultry Barn Facebook Group, Fairgrounds Facebook page, and Fairgrounds website for more information. When you see the information please help spread the word by sharing it with everyone you know who is planning to participate in Poultry at the Grant County Fair.
  • Exhibitng Updates: The showmanship Exhibiting will consist of the member presenting a stuffed chicken, goose, duck or turkey to the judge, a short “elevator speech” about their bird, and their bird’s photo board to the judge in the ring. The Superintendent will provide the stuffed bird for all exhibitors. Breed and Market Judging will also be done with the exhibitor presenting their bird’s photo board.
  • Market Members: Please have thank you cards and small gifts for your auction buyers ready to go by Monday, August 15th. A photo of your exhibitor with their bird is always a nice addition.
  • Breed Exhibitors: REMEMBER your Breed Bio on your breed bird’s cage is required. Please review the guidelines published in the Exhibitor Guide for Poultry Breed Type Divisions well in advance of move-in day.
  • Barn Cleanup and Decorating: We will meet at the barn on the 14th of August to do clean up and decorate. We will Decorate the barn as usual with only two modifications.
1) Instead of a bird in your cage(s) please place an 8x10 photo of your bird in it’s left or right side show pose on the cage door. One of the side view poses that you are using for the bird’s photo board is acceptable…no need to take extra photos.
2) Each club cage block needs to integrate avian flu education. How you decide to do this is up to your club…even if you are the only entry from your club. It will be fun to see all the different ways we come up with to educate barn visitors about Avian Influenza!
3) Every exhibitor must have a short “elevator speech” (about 30sec) ready for fair guests and our Judge about the avian influenza outbreak we are experiencing. This is a requirement, please have it memorized and ready to go by the 15th of August.
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