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Livestock Sale

We are moving forward with Exhibitor Registration for the Livestock Show and Sale. At this point we are working with representatives from the State WSDA, local Health District, Livestock Committee and the WSU Extension office. Our plan for a show and sale is being reviewed, tweaked, changed and hopefully will be approved. But we had to start somewhere so we are going forward with registration even though the end-result of what the event will look like is unknown.

There are two options:
A) A show and sale with limited entries, and some categories removed.
B) Just a sale.

Quite a bit depends where we are in the Phases and the number of Covid cases in the County. But our goal of having an event for youth with animals is being heard at all levels in the State.Keep your fingers crossed that we can move forward. – Jim McKiernan, Director and the rest of the Fairgrounds staff.

UPDATE 7/31/2020:

Below is a list of updated regulations for the Livestock Evaluation and Sale:
  • 1 animal per Exhibitor.
  • Dairy Department may enter 2 animals but may only sell 1.
  • All exhibitors intending to enter an animal in to the Livestock sale must register for Fit & Show between 7/1-7/15.
  • Exhibitors will not be participating in a Fit & Show Style competition, as no youth will be permitted to attend due to COVID guidelines. This entry process is merely to determine a head count of how many animals will be attending the sale.
  • Exhibitors must register for Market between 8/1-8/10.
  • No Open Divisions.
  • No Breeding Divisions for any species- with the exception of Dairy.
  • No Group Classes within Dairy Breeding Divisions.
  • Entries will not be approved without photos attached. (with the exception of non sale dairy)

Photo References:

  • Still photos should be captured with the camera/phone in landscape or horizontal position.
  • Photos should be taken at animal level or below with a full view of the animal,
  • Photos should be taken for each view (front, side- both left & right, and rear view).
  • Photos should be taken within 10-14 feet of the animal as the exhibitor stages or sets them up as they would in the show ring.
  • It is recommended that sheep be sheared prior to their photos being taken.
  • The photo of the right side view of the animal is the photo that will be used for the online auction.
  • It is recommended but not required that the exhibitor be in the photo that will be used for the auction (right side view) with the animal and set them up as they would in the show ring, in show appropriate dress code.
  • See example of photos HERE.

Market Entries:

Please review the following before beginning your registration.
  • Exhibitors intending to enter an animal in to the livestock ale are required to register in their appropriate Market Division.
  • Exhibitors will be required to upload 4 photos of the animal they will be selling at the livestock auction.
  • The photos must be uploaded before you submit your entry. You will not be able to go back in and add the photos later.
  • When registering for Market, exhibitors must upload 4 photos of their animal- Front View Back View, Left side, and Right side. File formats permitted are jpg and png.
  • Rabbits entering the livestock sale must upload a PDF, jpg, or png copy of their pedirgree and present a hard copy at check-in.

Educational Posters & Record Keeping:

  • Educational Posters and Record Keeping must be submitted in a digital format only and will not be displayed on site. Record logs may be found at the link below:
  • You must submit an educational poster if you are selling your animal in the auction. Record books are optional.
  • Educational posters may be submitted in one of the following formats- PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, jpg, or png.
  • Record keeping books may be submitted in one of the following formats- PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, jpg, or png.
  • These entries are due by 8/10/20

Fair Entry Registration

For assistance you may call the Building/ Department listed in the Exhibitor Guide or the Fair Office at 509-765-3581. E-mail your questions to [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Exhibitor Guide


Please see the Exhibitor Guide for rules and guidelines on how to Register for Fair.
  • Each Department and/or Division has a unique set of entry guidelines.
We will no longer be offering on-site registration the week prior to Fair, due to social distancing requirements put in place.

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