Livestock Check- In
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Livestock Check- In

Check-in begins Monday, August 16th from 1PM- 7PM

  • All large livestock will enter through the green gate in a single file. The green gate is located off of Paxson Drive.
  • Once you enter the green gate you will pick up your exhibitor packet.
  • Sheep and Goats will then proceed through the east gate between the horse barns and Harwood Pavilion then to the northside of the Ardell pavilion where they will unload and and then walk their lamb to the sale barn.
  • All other large livestock- cattle, hogs, and exhibitors with multiple species will proceed to the white gate.
  • Vet check will then be performed on your animals.
  • Cattle, Dairy and Beef will be vet checked at the Beef Scale area.
  • Pigs, Sheep, and Goats will all be vet checked on the East side of the Sale Barn.
  • Please do not proceed to scale are until you have received your vet check. Lambs and goats please have blankets and tubes removed for vet check.
  • We will be utilizing one vet in the pig/sheep/goat area so please be prepared and patient so that we can ensure an efficient check-in and proper screening of animals.
  • Small livestock- rabbits and poultry will enter through the gold gate off of Airway Drive.
  • Poultry check-in is from 1pm-2pm.
  • Please have your health forms completed and ready to be turn in—The link to the health forms is
  • All vehicles and trailers must exit through the gold gate.
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