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Welcome to the vendor page for the Grant County Fairgrounds, Flannel Fest. Thank you for your interest in being a vendor. Our festival will take place October 6th through October 7th.

Below is an application for a potential booth space. This application is neither an offer nor a guarantee of space.
Selection of vendors is based on non-duplicity, appearance, availability of space, type of booth, etc.

Food Vendor Fees
$250 deposit
15% Commission on daily gross sales
If accepted the Grant County Fairgrounds will notify you by mail and/ or e-mail accompanied with a contract and invoice.

Please keep in mind we will need all necessary information to be filled out within the application in order to move forward. Your menu including pricing and pictures of your booth are required. Applications that are received without a menu including pricing WILL NOT be processed/ approved.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Fairgrounds Office at

Concessions Coordinator: Darci Homesley 509-765-3581

Company Information

Non- Profit Vendor?

Should your application be accepted for participation: Click here to have your contract packet e-mailed.

Background Information

Booth Dimensions


List amps, volts, needed for operation of space
Please include your exact power requirements for your stand. Should your application be approved, only the power indicated on your application will be provided, and booth placement may be based on available power necessities.
You MUST have a cash register that meets our requirements for daily reports.
What type of register or POS do you use? If not listed below indicate in the "Other" field:

What forms of payment do you accept?

Menu & Pricing

Please list a complete menu with prices. Not all of your menu items may be accepted. No selling of items not on application/ contract. Applications will not be processed/ accepted without a menu and pricing. 15 item limit.

Example: Corndog $6
Upload menu & pricing

Additional Information

Current photos are Required.
Photo of Booth #1
Photo of Booth #2
Photo of Booth #3

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Click the box to agree to terms  

By submitting this application, you are hereby authorizing the Grant County Fairgrounds to secure information concerning any of the above-stated facts. The Grant County Fairgrounds Staff will base their decision on many criteria including, duplicity of product and availability.
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