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Fair Advisory Committee (FAC)

FAC Intent

The membership of the FAC is comprised of individuals within our community that have an interest in the planning, development and execution of the annual Grant County Fair. The committee is appointed by the Grant County Commissioners in a voluntary capacity. The committee is advisory in nature and does not direct the operations of the Fair or Fairgrounds. They work jointly with the Grant County Fairgrounds staff and the Director.

For further information please contact the County Commissioners office or the Grant County Fairgrounds Director.


FAC Membership

The Grant County Fair Advisory Committee (FAC) is comprised of seven committee members that reside throughout the great Grant County community. The committee also maintains alternate positions to assist in the absence of currently assigned members.

The current FAC members are:

- Frank Delgado, Member
- Terry Sell, Member
- Kandi Bersanti, Member
- David Eck, Member

The FAC presently has three vacant positions and two alternate positions available.

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