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Commercial Vendor Application

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Company Information

Government Vendor?

Has this vendor previously attended the Grant County Fair?

Should your application be accepted for participation: Click here to have your contract packet e-mailed.

Space Allocation

Space Description

Indoor Booth Space 10x10

Each booth includes 1 table and 2 chairs with additional available for purchase. Please provide two weeks notice if requesting additional equipment.

Additional Equipment:

Outdoor Booth Space 10x10

First two 10x10 spaces are charged at $250 per space with an additional $200 per 10x10 spaces, exeeding two.

Booth Dimensions

Is the tongue removable?

Space requests are subject to availability and not guaranteed.


List amps, volts, needed for operation of space.
Please include your exact power requirements for your booth. Should your application be approved, only the power indicated on your application will be provided, and booth placement may be based on available power necessities.

Sale Items & Pricing

Please list or attach ALL goods, products, and/or services. If selling, please list prices. You may ONLY sell or exhibit that which has been approved in writing and is reflected on your Agreement/ Contract.
Example: Cell Phone Case $5
Upload list of Items & Prices

Camping & Parking Passes

Additional Information

Current photos are Required.
Photo of Booth #1
Photo of Booth #2
Photo of Booth #3

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
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By submitting this application, you are hereby authorizing the Grant County Fair to secure information concerning any of the above-stated facts. The Grant County Staff and Fair Advisory Committee will base their decision on many criteria including, but not limited to, duplicity of product and availability.
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