Kid's Tractor Pull
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Kid's Tractor Pull

Date: Aug 14, 2019
It’s not every day a kid gets a chance to become a star of the show, unless of course he or she is at the Kids Pedal Tractor Pull Competitions. Kids from four to twelve are welcome to be in the show for free and compete in a fast paced, action packed, pedal tractor pull. Each tractor has been modified for heavy pulling and is attached to a weight transfer sled. The sled is filled with a certain amount of weight which is determined by the age of each participant. The four year olds start with 25 pounds and the twelve year olds start with 250 pounds. As kids pedal down the path, the weight in the bucket transfers up the sled and makes it harder to pedal. Some kids do exceptionally well and are able to pedal the tractor all the way down the 25 foot path. Those kids go to the final round at the end of each show. Regardless of the outcome, every child is encouraged to do their best and is praised for their accomplishments. It is the mission of the Show Director during the pedal tractor pull to positively uplift each child, help create a healthy self-esteem, and leave each child with a giant smile on his or her face!

Fast Track Entertainment, Inc. has been performing kids’ shows at fairs and festivals since 1994. The Kids Pedal Tractor Pull Competition is always “tops” for audience participation, education, and down home fun! The owner states, “The kids make our show special, it’s all about them. The performance is a celebration of kids’ accomplishments. It’s a natural fit at the fairs!”
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