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CBBRC Classic Summer 5D Race

Date: July 07, 2019
Added Money per race:
1-70 entries = $500 added
71-99 entries = $750 added
100 + entries = $1,000 added (BRN4D Double Points)

Prime Approval: NBHA WA06
Co-Sanction: BRN4D / WA02 / YBCS

Pre-Entries: Tuesday, July 2nd 7-9 PM, 509-237-1790 or e-mail [email protected] Entries received after 5pm Wednesday will be assessed a $10 Late Fee.

Sign Up: 7am until last entry runs

Time Onlys: 7am-9am 3/$10 or $4 each; *1 time only = 1 minute (Colored tickets will be sold; you may only use your ticket in the designated hour block; no refunds on time onlys!)

Race Time: *Double Header*
1st race at 10am
2nd race to start 1/2 after 1st race ends

Contestants may roll their time from the 1st open race to the 2nd race (must be declared when fee’s are paid)

Format: 5D Format 1/2
PeeWee: $5 fees, no added, no office charge.
Open: $45 fees
Youth: $20 fees, no added
Senior: $20 fees, no added
Novice: $20 fees, no added
Futurity: $20 fees, no added
Derby: $20 fees, no added

YBCS Side pot. $40 fees, no added. ROLL ONLY from the open. (info on this series can be found at: www.bestofbarrelsonly.com/your-barrel-connection)

Office Fee: $10 per person/1st horse and $4 for each additional horse.
Late Fee: $10 per person

Open arena from 9-9:30am.
Big rake every 50.
No dress code.
BRN4D members will pay an additional $2 per horse, per race for points or qualifiers.

NO horses allowed on grass for ANY reason.
Do NOT empty trailers on facilities.
PLEASE clean up around your trailers after your horses.
Dogs MUST be on leashes at all times.
Do NOT tie horses to ANY arena fences OR trees!!!
Thank you in advance.

Draw will be posted by: 7/5/19 it will be sent/posted to: NWNBHA/BRN4D and Columbia Basin Barrel Racing Club Facebook event page

*CBBRC reserves the right to refuse any entry*
Contact: Jamie Quillan 509-237-1790 or [email protected]
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